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Among 50–59-year-olds, 10.90 percent are food insecure, but that rate jumps to 18.41 percent when combined with marginal food security; that is a 69-percent spike.

Another significant risk factor for food insecurity occurs when an older adult lives in a household with children under 18 years of age.

Parents, grandparents, and other caregivers often try to protect children from food insecurity by sacrificing their own food and nutrition needs so that the children can eat.

National data on adult heads of household age 40 and older show that rates of food insecurity are two times higher among households with a grandchild present, compared to rates of food insecurity among households without a grandchild present.

In the meantime, share this blog on social media using the hashtag for Older Americans Month — #Age Out Loud. This year, Maryland Hunger Solutions, joined other Maryland organizations, such as the Job Opportunities Task Force and Out for Justice, to advocate for the passage of the Maryland Equal Access to Food Act of 2017.

On Saturday, October 14, I joined hundreds of people, including D. council members, community members, food justice advocates, and my fellow colleagues at D. Heather Hartline-Grafton, Senior Nutrition Policy and Research Analyst at the Food Research & Action Center (FRAC), recently presented at the Root Cause Coalition’s Second Annual National Summit on the Social Determinants of Health in Louisville, Kentucky.

Part of the reason why food insecurity rates tend to decline with age likely is increased access to nutrition programs and to Social Security benefits as people age.

While these food insecurity rates are distressing, they would be even worse if the numbers included older adults who are marginally food secure.

Check back later this month to learn more about how food insecurity impacts older adults’ health and the solutions that exist to end it.The Alliance for Aging Research has created a group of free resources to help educate about how vaccines serve as an important step in protecting our health. May is Older Americans Month – an opportunity to raise awareness of important issues facing adults 50 and above across the nation.The most effective customer service is designed to reduce effort at all stages of the customer journey—not just after a sale or when problems arise.To provide this kind of service, however, companies must not only understand the questions customers have at each stage, but be there to offer answers.

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